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№ 10(50) 2013 Averyanova M.I. General characteristics of normative acts regulating the work of pedagogical workers of educational organizations in the post-Soviet period
№ 9(49) 2013 Miloserdova L.F. Judicial reform of 1864, as a stage in the development of interaction of the state and society in the Russian Empire
№ 9(49) 2013 Alekhina E.L. Some features of the formation of the system of credit institutions in the Russian Empire
№ 9(49) 2013 Morozov N.A. the Main directions of the criminal policy of Japan
№ 8(48) 2013 Karpov K. History of the Institute governorship from Peter the Great up to the elections in Russia 2012
№ 8(48) 2013 Boychenko L.V. Legal bases of interaction of the state and society in the 60s of the twentieth century
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Alekhine Å.Ë. Economic and legal concept of M.M. Speransky, still topical project
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Semashko A.G. Legal regulation of mutual relations of the Russian Orthodox Church to other confessions in the Russian Empire of the NINETEENTH century
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Kondratyuk D.L. comparative legal study of the nature of the obligations from unilateral actions by the legislation of the Russian Federation and Ukraine
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Freidina Legal and economic establishment of emission rights in Russia: historical tour
№ 3(43)-4(44) 2013. Alekhine E.L. State loan in the concept of M.M. Orlova
№ 3(43)-4(44) 2013. Vorob'ev S.V. the class-representative monarchy as the period in the history of Russian state and law
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Konovalova I.A. Topical issues of struggle with a mercenary juvenile crime in the countries of near foreign countries
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Karpov K.A. A.V. Kolchak - Explorer of the Arctic
№ 6 (34) 2012 Shumilov A. Pskov and Vyatka feudal Republic: the specifics of the status and the consequences of the "centralization"
№ 6 (34) 2012 Belova YA., Gukov A.S. the Marriage contract in Russia: history, modern state, a comparison with the West (on the example of France)
№ 6 (34) 2012 Vasyutin V.V. About the legislation of foreign countries on the responsibility for the crimes against public order
№ 6 (34) 2012 Shumilov And. Florentine Republic: the specificity and the analogy of the status of the ancient feudal republics
№ 3 (31) 2012 Dolakov M.I. Financial-economic reforms, S.YU. Witte and their legislative support
№ 3 (31) 2012 Korchin A.A. the Role of the judicial practice in the private law of France
№ 2 (30) 2012 Petrenko B.V.. the Sources of the Russian criminal law of the NINETEENTH century
№ 2 (30) 2012 Miloserdova L. prerequisites liberalization of the judicial system of Russia in the course of the judicial reform of Peter I
№ 2 (30) 2012 Pankova A. Rules of criminal law in the legal acts of the Soviet state (1917-1918)
№ 2 (30) 2012 Ustinov E.V. the Development of the system of foreign private educational institutions in Russia in the beginning of the nineteenth century
№ 2 (30) 2012 Belkharoev H.U. the Legislative reforms of the agricultural sphere and the abolition of serfdom in the Russian Empire in the XIX.
№ 12 (28) 2011 Mazurov V.Y. Imperial County as territorial units of the Holy Roman Empire (the brief review)
№ 11 (27) 2011 Goshuliak L.D. Some of the issues of methodology of historical-pedagogical researches (on the example of the Zemstvo school of pre-revolutionary Russia)
№ 10 (26) 2011 Verdiyan In. the Concept of integrity in the pre-revolutionary and Soviet civil law: dynamics of development and scientific comprehension of the
№ 10 (26) 2011 Ustinov E.V. the Periodization of the history of private educational institutions of Russia
№ 10 (26) 2011 Salin P.B. Political and legal evolution of the Institute of presidency in post-Soviet Russia
№ 9 (25) 2011 Goncharov D.YU. Counteracting crime in the legislation and practice of its application in the reign of Peter I and Catherine II
№ 9 (25) 2011 Krivenkiy A.I. the Historical aspects of the origin of the international private law (article II. XIV C.)
№ 9 (25) 2011 Horunjaya T.V. the Formation of the legal status of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the beginning of 90-ies of XX century
№ 9 (25) 2011 Tarkhanov M.V. To the question of international experience of constitutional-legal regulation of competence of local self-government
№ 6 (22) 2011 Tarkhanov M.V. Federal the device of Russia as the constitutional basis of differentiation of powers of the bodies of public authorities (end of)
№ 5 (21) 2011 Abramova M. Contemporary constitutional process in Bolivia
№ 4 (20) 2011 Oreshnikov V.I. the Establishment and formation of the Institute of the bar in Czarist Russia
№ 4 (20) 2011 Miryasheva E.V. the Formation of courts in the United States during the colonial period: historical-legal excursion
№ 4 (20) 2011 Tsukanov S.S. Paternalism of the Russian state (IX - XIX CC.): the urgency and the basic directions of the historical and legal research
№ 3 (19) 2011 Grudtsina L.Y. the Idea of civil society in the work of M.. Speransky
№ 2 (18) 2011 Sure N.E. the System of credit institutions of the Russian Empire
№ 1 (17) 2011 Tsukanov S.S. Legal model of the Russian Empire: the nature, the specificity, the influence of the power of the judiciary
№ 1 (17) 2011 Akhmetzyanova (Akimova) E.R.. Organization of specialized ships of Germany (on the example of administrative courts)
№ 1 (17) 2011 Yadrishnikov K.S. To the question of the subject of the crime in the works of A.S. Pushkin
№ 10 (14) 2010 Mazurov V.Y. Institute of prefects in the lands of the first, second and third Rome (brief historical-political background)
№ 9 (13) 2010 Nikonov A.S. Features and problems of the Constitution of Venezuela of 1999
№ 8 (12) 2010 Nikonov A.S. Features of the constitutional-legal regulation of the structure of the social security system in Venezuela
№ 6 (10) 2010 Gogaeva A.L. Methods of forming the government (the analysis of foreign legislation)
№ 5 (9) 2010 Fomichev I.V. Changes in material and legal status of school teachers and teachers of higher educational institutions in the conditions of the first world war
№ 5 (9) 2010 Mazurov I. supra-regional administrative districts (provinces) of the Hellenic Republic (the brief review of the status and the internal organization)
№ 4 (8) 2010 Platonov the territorial device of Russia on the project of the Legal meeting of the
№ 3 (7) 2010 Bakulin A.I. the Representative power in the Kaluga region: history and modern times
№ 1 (5) 2010 Vlasenko A.V. Protection of the objects of copyright in a network "Internet" in foreign countries and in the Russian Federation
№ 1 (5) 2010 Alpatov P.Y. From the establishment of the community property to the strengthening of the role of private property
№ 12 (4) 2009 Zavyalov YU.S. Social and other roots of totalitarianism and its attributes
№ 11 (3) 2009 Zelenetsk A.S. the Formation of the party system in Russia (history and modernity)
№ 10 (2) 2009 Lyashenko, L.V.. Historical aspects of development and consolidation in the Russian legislation the concept of "advocacy"
№ 9(1) 2009 Chernenko A.V. Causes and conditions of crimes in the history of the criminal law of Russia

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