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№ 10(50) 2013 Sviridova E.A. On some amendments of some articles of part IV of the Civil code of the Russian Federation in the framework of the project of the Federal law № 47538-6
№ 10(50) 2013 Atlaskirova I.O. Use of the name of a computer program as a trademark: the pros and cons
№ 10(50) 2013 Galushkin A.A. The institution of citizenship and its place in the system of Russian law
№ 10(50) 2013 Kharlamova M.L. Problems of legal regulation of housing rights of orphans
№ 10(50) 2013 Batukova V.E. Questions about qualifications and delimitation of vandalism and other crimes committed out of hooliganism
№ 10(50) 2013 Chashnikov V.A. Content and features of state law enforcement
№ 9(49) 2013 Perednya V.A. The Execution of the decision of a Russian court in the territory of foreign States
№ 9(49) 2013 Matchanova Z.Sh. Psychological factors of the spread of terrorism in the modern Russia
№ 8(48) 2013 Pavlov V.P. Innovations in substantive law, stipulated by the draft amendments and additions to the civil code
№ 8(48) 2013 Ismayilli A.G. kizi Recognition of the right of property of the participant of the construction of the premises in the framework of the bankruptcy of the developer: some problems
№ 8(48) 2013 Konovalova I.A To the question of the prevention of selfish crimes of minors
№ 7(47) 2013 Batukova V.E. General characteristics of the difficulties arising in the investigation and judicial practice in the qualification of hooliganism
№ 7(47) 2013 Trofimov O.E. Administrative regulation security in air transport
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Kostennikov M.V., A.V. Kurakin, Tregubova E.V. To the question about the basis of administrative liability in Russian law
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Verdiyan the Principle of good faith in the draft Concept of the development of the law of property act
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Kozadaev essential Foundation of the notarial certificate of transactions in the Russian Federation
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Perednia VA personal data Protection in information and telecommunication networks of international information exchange
№ 3(43)-4(44) 2013. N.G. Kutyin Features of the institutional arrangements for the classification of dangerous production objects
№ 3(43)-4(44) 2013. Ivanova S.A. the Principle of justice in the law of obligations
№ 3(43)-4(44) 2013. Chmurankov I.V. To the question of the agreement on payment of the alimony as a special kind of family-law contract
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Sereda A.V. the Corporation as a type of legal entity (on the draft amendments to the Civil code of the Russian Federation)
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Konovalova I.A. the International standards in the field of prevention of juvenile delinquency, the introduction in the Russian legislation
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Galushkin A.A. To the question about the development of the regional legislation in the sphere of migration: the organizational-legal aspect of the
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Yegelskiy V.A. the Powers of the territorial military commissariats in the sphere of organization and holding of the conscription of citizens of the Russian Federation for military service
№ 6 (34) 2012 Ataullina L.R. the Deal as a sign of crime
№ 6 (34) 2012 Birkun V.M. On some factors that affect the level of crime in the sphere of banking activity
№ 6 (34) 2012 Nikolyukin S.V. Features of remission and the reference to the right of the third state
№ 4 (32) 2012 Nikolyukin S.V. Legal basis of participation of the state in ÷àñòíîïðàâîâûõ relations with a foreign element
№ 4 (32) 2012 Kopeina L.A. Problems and prospects of development of Russian legislation on the options in the the conditions of instability of the market for derivative financial instruments
№ 4 (32) 2012 Sviridov E.A. About the lawfulness of bringing to responsibility for untimely submission of a "zero" of the tax Declaration
№ 4 (32) 2012 Kravtsova E.A. Isolation of the enterprise from the other property, included in the succession mass
№ 3 (31) 2012 Melnikov V.V. the Issues of improving the system and structure of taxation in the conditions of constitutional reform of the Russian legislation
№ 3 (31) 2012 Korshikova E.V. the implementation details of the deductions for the individual types of obligations of legal and natural persons (in cases of forfeit)
№ 3 (31) 2012 Mashnikova O.V., Fomicheva T.L. Vecherka severely hazardous objects: legal and economic aspects of the
№ 3 (31) 2012 M.G. Abramova, Popov A.V. To the question about the content of the notions of "information", "information technologies" and "information law"
№ 2 (30) 2012 Nelinova L.A. the Concept, content and importance of the institution of state registration of ownership rights to immovable property for the development of the legal turnover
№ 2 (30) 2012 Borzunova A.A. Legal regulation of liquidation netting in the Russian Federation
№ 2 (30) 2012 Verdiyan G.V. the Concept of integrity in the legal systems of some European countries
№ 2 (30) 2012 Yakimova E.S. Features of the inheritance of certain types of immovable property in the relations, complicated by foreign element
№ 1 (29) 2012 Verdiyan G.V. Principle of a good conscience and abuse of the right: introduction to the theory of matter
№ 1 (29) 2012 Martynov N.Y. the Basic obligations of the contract of compensated rendering of services. Liabilities in the force of law and contract
№ 1 (29) 2012 Kazinets S.L. the Problems of state regulation of the construction and operation of residential facilities and territories of the residential construction in Moscow and the ways of their solution
№ 12 (28) 2011 Besedkina N.I. To the question about the foster family
№ 12 (28) 2011 Melnikov V.V. the lawmaking activity as a form of implementation of the constitutional principles of regulation of economic relations
№ 11 (27) 2011 Melnikov V.V. Some of the features of the settlement of economic disputes in Russia (on the example of the disputes on the property right)
№ 11 (27) 2011 Yudicheva S.A. of the code of Criminal-legal characteristics of participation in an extremist community
№ 11 (27) 2011 Abramov V.G., Fomicheva M.S. the Main directions of state policy in the sphere of financial-legal regulation of control and supervision over the activity of Vecherka companies
№ 11 (27) 2011 Nikolyukin S.V. Legal problems of the struggle against doping in sport
№ 10 (26) 2011 Sviridov E.A. Advertisement on the pavement: the legal aspect of the
№ 10 (26) 2011 Nikolyukin S.V. the Specifics of the application of non-legislative sources, regulating the foreign economic transaction
№ 10 (26) 2011 Besedkina N.I., Grudtsina L.Y. the Institution of guardianship and protection in Russia: historical retrospective and contemporary development
№ 10 (26) 2011 Ershov O.G. On the civil-legal form of contractual relations in the construction of the
№ 10 (26) 2011 Yakimova E.S. Comparative-legal analysis of the category of immovable property in international private law
№ 10 (26) 2011 Vidzyaylo Y.A. Issues of effective protection of the rights of participants of economic companies
№ 10 (26) 2011 Tyutyunnik I.G. Determination of crime the economic direction of the Russian Federation
№ 9 (25) 2011 Besedkina N.I., Yakimova E.S. Genesis of the legal rules governing the inheritance of immovable property
№ 9 (25) 2011 Grishin A.N. the Legislative provision of the state system of dealing with spent nuclear fuel
№ 9 (25) 2011 Vecherka A.A. General characteristics legal regulation of responsibility in the transportation of nuclear materials in the Russian Federation
№ 9 (25) 2011 Mishiev YU.V. On the organization of law-enforcement activity in a Federal state
№ 9 (25) 2011 Vlasenko A.V. Administrative-legal protection of intellectual property in a network "Internet"
№ 9 (25) 2011 Verdiyan G.V. the Concept of integrity in the system of principles of the civil law and the basic principles of the civil legislation of the
№ 8 (24) 2011 Barkov A.V. About prospects of development of the legislation on non-profit legal persons
№ 8 (24) 2011 Korshunov BP. Some of the tax issues related to the activities of housing savings cooperative
№ 8 (24) 2011 Ezhov YU.A. Some of the problems of environmental legislation
№ 8 (24) 2011 Ivanov S.G. Some of the features of the state registration of the aircraft as an object of civil rights
№ 8 (24) 2011 Dmitriev Y.A., Mironov V.O. the Confederation of Russia and Belarus is a form of government
№ 8 (24) 2011 Grishin A.N. the Subjects of legal relations in the treatment of spent nuclear fuel
№ 7 (23) 2011 Nikolyukin S.V. a production-sharing Agreement as the investment contract in the Russian Federation
№ 7 (23) 2011 Vecherka A.A. the Notion and kinds of legal responsibility in the transportation of nuclear materials
№ 7 (23) 2011 Grishin A.N. Legal regime of spent nuclear fuel
№ 7 (23) 2011 Ivanova S.G. particulars of the mortgage of a ship in the Russian Federation
№ 6 (22) 2011 Vlasov A.V. Civil-legal regulation of mortgage lending in the housing sector of the Russian Federation
№ 6 (22) 2011 N.G. Kutyin Features of training and retraining of the workers of dangerous industrial object
№6 (22) 2011 Sekretareva T.M. the Problems of implementation of the principle of equality in the sphere of the application of compulsory measures of a medical nature
№ 5 (21) 2011 Tarkhanov M.V. Federal structure of Russia as the constitutional basis of differentiation of powers of the bodies of public authorities (the beginning)
№ 5 (21) 2011 N.G. Kutyin. the basic principles of industrial safety of Russia: tendencies and prospects of development
№ 5 (21) 2011 V.YE. Administrative responsibility for violations in the sphere of state and municipal orders
№ 5 (21) 2011 Nikolyukin S.V. Concession agreement in the legal field of the Russian Federation
№ 4 (20) 2011 Nikolyukin S.V. Non-state methods of resolution of commercial disputes
№ 4 (20) 2011 Zherebenkov R.V. Criminal and legal responsibility for illegal use of insider information and market manipulation
№ 4 (20) 2011 Grudtsina L.Y. Legal guarantees of independence, self-governance and financing of the profession
№ 4 (20) 2011 Yakimova E.S. Real estate as an object of inheritance relations in international private law
№ 3 (19) 2011 Ivanova S.A. the Problems of implementation of the principle of social justice in the law enforcement activities
№ 3 (19) 2011 Mishiev Y.V. Effect of acts of the constitutional (statutory) courts of the organization of law-enforcement activity in the subjects of the Russian Federation
№ 3 (19) 2011 Grudtsina L.Y. Directions and results of the cooperation between the state and the professional legal community
№ 3 (19) 2011 Nikolyukin S.V. Amicable agreement in the Russian and the Belarusian legislation
№ 3 (19) 2011 Nikolaeva Y.V. the effectiveness of punishment and improvement of criminal punishment for crimes against minors
№ 2 (18) 2011 Dudarev A.V., Khamidullina A.A. Features of inheritance in the conditions of a Federal state: theoretical and legal aspects
№ 1 (17) 2011 Smirnov K.S. on The issue of reform of the police
№ 1 (17) 2011 Grigoriev I.B. International legal basis for the protection of the right of everyone to the secret message and experience of the CIS countries, to the question about the difference in terminology
№ 1 (17) 2011 Dudarev A.V., Khamidullina A.A. the Theoretical basis of inheritance: peculiarities of formation of the conceptual provisions of
№ 11 (15) 2010 Roslyakov O.V. Legal basis for state registration of the works of monumental art in the city. Moscow
№ 11 (15) 2010 Orlova M.A. the Principle of equality of spouses: a historical analysis of the legislation of the
№ 11 (15) 2010 Mikhailov D.I. Conclusion, changing and cancellation (termination) of agreements on the provision of communal services
№ 10 (14) 2010 Sviridov E.A. the Concept of "product placement": the legal aspect of the
№ 10 (14) 2010 Filimonov N.S. the Concept of a forest plot in modern Russian legislation, the correlation between the concepts of "forest area" and "land plot"
№ 10 (14) 2010 Kazinets S.L. the State regulation of the construction and operation of residential facilities and territories of the residential buildings of bodies of Executive power of Moscow city
№ 10 (14) 2010 Nefedov A.A. the Normative-legal regulation of powers of the bodies of local self-government in the field of power supply
№ 10 (14) 2010 Simonov A.E. Preventing the spread of biological weapons as the direction of combat bioterrorism
№ 9 (13) 2010 Medvedev V.A. the Goals and objectives of the activity of the Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor's office of the Russian Federation
№ 9 (13) 2010 Aleksashin A.S. Administrative reform and administrative regulation of the state control
№ 9 (13) 2010 Maryan. Administrative-legal regulation of disciplinary responsibility of civil servants
№ 9 (13) 2010 Muzhuhoeva M.M. the Problems of development of local self-government in the North-Caucasian Federal district
№ 9 (13) 2010 Nefedov A.A. Normative-legal regulation of the powers of the bodies of local self-government in the field of power supply
№ 8 (12) 2010 Simonyan B. Chapter of the subject of the Russian Federation: legal status, procedure of appointment, powers and place in the system of bodies of state power of Russia
№ 8 (12) 2010 P.A. Kucherenko, Korshunov I.A. the Electoral system of the Russian Federation in the beginning of the XXI century: changes and innovations
№ 7 (11) 2010 Nikitenko I.V. Organizational and legal aspects of the optimization of law enforcement activities to ensure the migration of the security of the far East Federal district of Russia
№ 7 (11) 2010 Begzadyan A.S. the Legislative regulation of the Executive production at the final stage of the judicial reform
№ 7 (11) 2010 Tregubova, E.V. Method of administrative prohibition in the sphere of financial activity
№ 6 (10) 2010 Kuleshov, G.N., Maryan. the Status of a state civil servant in administrative law
№ 6 (10) 2010 Petrov S.M., Grudtsina L.Y., Ozerov G.L. Priority directions of improvement of service in the Prosecutor's office
№ 6 (10) 2010 Zvyagin M. M. Administrative proceedings on matters arising out of customs legal relationships
№ 6 (10) 2010 Shemetov M.S. Stage of the complaints in the customs bodies
№ 5 (9) 2010 Grudtsina L.Y., Ozerov G.L. incentives and penalties that apply to the prosecuting attorney
№ 4 (8) 2010 Mitrofanov A.V. the Main aspects of the nature and content of the subjective copyright
№ 4 (8) 2010 Simonyan B. Chapter of the subject of the Russian Federation: legal status, procedure of appointment, powers and place in the system of bodies of state power of Russia
№ 4 (8) 2010 Ozerov G.L. the Service in bodies of internal Affairs and other law enforcement bodies
№ 4 (8) 2010 Alekhine E. Regulatory and enforcement alternative liability in the modern civil law of Russia
№ 4 (8) 2010 Vlasenko A.V. the Cooperation and agreement of the parties - methods of intellectual property protection in a network "Internet"
№ 3 (7) 2010 Mazurov V.Y. the Creation of the North-Caucasian Federal district and the question of the formation of the temporary Federal districts (ÂÔÎ)
№ 3 (7) 2010 Molodievsky O.A. Consolidation of lawmaking in the field of migration policy
№ 3 (7) 2010 Yankovaya A.Y. the Order of the conclusion of the contract of trust management of immovable property and its form
№ 3 (7) 2010 Shokotko M.A. Some aspects of the definition of the legal regime of property that is in state or municipal ownership
№ 2 (6) 2010 Markina E.V. Organization of work with personnel in the internal Affairs bodies
№ 2 (6) 2010 Karpovets F.M. legal regulation of activity of the Federal migration service
№ 2 (6) 2010 Balakina E.S. Problems and tendencies of development of legislative regulation in the sphere of protection and use of cultural heritage
№ 2 (6) 2010 Muraviev V.V. Conditions of interaction of bodies of internal Affairs with the controlling bodies of joint-stock companies in identifying signs of the crime and initiate a criminal case
№ 2 (6) 2010 Denisova L.Y. the Order of official registration of the progress and results of the application of dog specialist expertise in the law enforcement bodies of internal Affairs
№ 1 (5) 2010 Aeshin A.A. the Concept and the content of the contract of trust management
№ 1 (5) 2010 Shumilov Y.I. the Enforcement proceedings in the system of institutions of legal state and civil society
№ 12 (4) 2009 Nahratov V.V. the Settlement of megacities in the concept of àãåðèçàöèè Russia
№ 12 (4) 2009 Aeshin A.A. Civil-legal nature of the the contract of trust management of the financial markets
№ 12 (4) 2009 Azmi D.M., Grudtsina L.Y. On the legal regulation of the Institute of recall of a Deputy (regional aspect)
№ 12 (4) 2009 Molchanov S.V. Features of establishing responsibility for distribution of the information with use of a network "Internet"
№ 11 (3) 2009 Dmitriev, Y.A. Roulette in an open field
№ 11 (3) 2009 Salgarov S.V. the interests of the State in the regulation of public property in Russia
№ 11 (3) 2009 Agutin A.V. To the question of theoretical grounds of security attorney (public Prosecutor) the legitimate interests of the victim of the crime at the stage of court proceedings in a criminal trial in the General order
№ 11 (3) 2009 Spector A.A. Topical issues of restrictions and termination of rights to land plots
№ 11 (3) 2009 Kiselev A. Control-licensing system in the field of construction of residential objects and territories of a residential area in the city of Moscow
№ 10 (2) 2009 Mitrofanov A.V. the Effectiveness of copyright protection
№ 10 (2) 2009 Korshunov P. the Property rights and duties of the members of the housing accumulation of the cooperative
№ 10 (2) 2009 Iourieva L.Y. Legal basis of the activities of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation
№ 10 (2) 2009 Molchanov S.V. restrictions on human rights on the dissemination of information through the Internet
№ 9 (1) 2009 Alistratova L.Y. the Basic directions of realization of the state tax policy in Russia
№ 9 (1) 2009 Shokotko M.A. Legal regulation of state and municipal property in the Russian Federation
№ 9 (1) 2009 Spector A.A. Legal institution of guardianship and protection in the modern Russia: new rules and peculiarities of regulation of

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