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№ 10(50) 2013 Sergeeva M.A. Right MERCOSUR as an example of the unification of the trade turnover: concept, features, unlike the European Union law
№ 9(49) 2013 Dolakova M.I. Modern historiography of the policy of public authorities of the Russian Empire in the financial sphere
№ 9(49) 2013 Suhanberdieva A.N. The New economic policy as a factor in the reform of the Russian judicial system
№ 9(49) 2013 Pischulin V.I. Implementation of economic rights of citizens in modern conditions
№ 8(48) 2013 Kaurakova M.V. Sovereign welfare Fund as a modern tool for solving socio-economic problems
№ 7(47) 2013 Volkova N.M. Evolution of opinions on legal characteristic of economic crimes
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Omaev Ì.Z. Social conditionality of illegal extraction (catch) of water biological resources
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Kurtser K.M. Responsibility for tax violations in the decisions of the constitutional Court of the Russian Federation
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Vlasenko A.V. Legal status of taxpayers as the parties of tax relations in the organizational-legal mechanism of optimization of the taxation
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Borzunova A.A. the Organizational and legal foundations of the derivatives over-the-counter market
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Ismailov Israeli shekels. the Problems of legal regulation of the Russian banking sector in the light of Russia's accession to the WTO
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Ezhov YU.A. Measures of the state regulation of the economy to ecology
№ 6 (34) 2012 Egorov A.. State regulation and economic principles of international trade in services
№ 6 (34) 2012 Kutyin N. Characteristics of the existing system in Russia normative legal protection of industrial safety
№ 6 (34) 2012 Kopeina L.A. the Normative legal regulation of the option market in Russia
№ 6 (34) 2012 Lebedev V.E. Economic content and the essence of the option agreement: the formulation of the question
№ 4 (32) 2012 Popov A.V. Multinationals: a legal and economic aspects of the
№ 4 (32) 2012 Kozlov A.A. Types and methods of state regulation of international trade in services
№ 4 (32) 2012 Borisova N.E. the Constitution of Russia as the most important legal source and the basis of regulation of economic relations and the economy
№ 4 (32) 2012 Oleynikova T., Popov A.V. Option programs as a factor of motivation of the company's top management
№ 4 (32) 2012 Mashnikova O.V., Fomicheva T.L. Insurance and insurance companies in the process of innovative development of the Russian economy
№ 3 (31) 2012 Ivanova S.A. To the question of the classification of the right to private and public: introduction to the problem
№ 3 (31) 2012 Belov V.E. Interaction between business and state in the sphere of public procurement: legal regulation and law enforcement practice
№ 3 (31) 2012 Nikolyukin S.V. the Personal Statute of the legal person: the material andlegal and conflicts of aspects of the
№ 3 (31) 2012 Belkharoev H.U. 's Accession to the WTO: the threat to food security of the Russian Federation
№ 3 (31) 2012 Calis Y.V. Precedent in the tax law
№ 2 (30) 2012 Pavlov D.B. the Object of legal regulation of economic security
№ 2 (30) 2012 R.V. Ivanov Credit derivatives as a way to minimize the risks of commercial banks
№ 2 (30) 2012 Melnikov V.V. the national economy, the constitutional framework for the regulation of economic relations and freedom of the personality
№ 12 (28) 2011 Zubovsky L.B. To the question of the legal regulation of processes of innovation development of the economy
№ 12 (28) 2011 Melnikov V.V. the Questions of the use of means of state regulation of economic processes
№ 11 (27) 2011 Melnikov V.V. To the question about the forms and ways of realization of the constitutional bases of regulation of economic relations in the period of modernization of the Russian economy development
№ 11 (27) 2011 Zelenin A.S. the Evolution of the Russian legal doctrine in the sphere of migration processes
№ 11 (27) 2011 Borisova N.E. Forms of interaction of constitutional law and Economics
№ 10 (26) 2011 Smooth V.I. About the nature and trends of criminal policy in the sphere of combating crime of economic orientation
№ 9 (25) 2011 Borisova N.E. Constitutional principles the economic system of Russia
№ 9 (25) 2011 Fathullin R.O. Legal problems of the influence of transnational corporations on the national economy
№ 9 (25) 2011 Nikolyukin S.V. special Features of the process of protection of the rights of participants of contractual relations in the investment climate of Russia
№ 8 (24) 2011 Sannikov, L.V.. Public services: myths and reality
№ 8 (24) 2011 Petrov S.M. About the main stages of formation of the state policy in the field of national innovation system in Russia
№ 8 (24) 2011 Borisov N.. Fundamentals of the economic system: the constitutional-legal contents and structure
№ 8 (24) 2011 Pashentsev D.A. the Constitutional model of the social market economy of Russia
№ 3 (19) 2011 Fedorov M.A. Problems of customs administration in the framework of the Customs Union and the Eurasian economic community
№ 2 (18) 2011 Zubarev S.M. To the issue of correlation of the concepts of "public administration in the sphere of innovative economy", "state regulation in the sphere of innovative economy"
№ 11 (15) 2010 Doinikov I.V. State regulation as a condition of modernization of the economy of Russia (theses of the speech)
№ 11 (15) 2010 Frolova E.E. Financial control as a form of financial activities of the state
№ 11 (15) 2010 Simonov A.E. Some of the questions of international cooperation in the fight against economic organized crime
№ 11 (15) 2010 Sobchuk S.D. the Implementation of international standards of struggle in the banking sector with the legalization (laundering) of incomes, received by criminal way, in the domestic legislation and law enforcement practice
№ 11 (15) 2010 Akhmedov E.G.-ogli. the Powers of the National Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic on protection and ensuring of stability of a monetary unit (the manat)
№ 10 (14) 2010 Gromov A.M. the Political and economic modernization of Russia: the meaning of
№ 10 (14) 2010 Frolova E.E. the Organization of monetary circulation in the Russian Federation
№ 9 (13) 2010 Frolova E.E. the circulation of Money as an object of financial and legal regulation
№ 9 (13) 2010 Danilov V.V. Interbudgetary relations in the period of world economic crisis (Russian experience)
№ 9 (13) 2010 Vlasenko A.V. Regulatory capabilities of the tax legislation of the Russian Federation
№ 9 (13) 2010 Savkin B.M. Restrictions on the activities of foreign organizations in certain areas of investment
№ 8 (12) 2010 Mazurov V.YU. of one Of the significant features of the modern format of the functioning of interregional associations of economic interaction of subjects of the Russian Federation
№ 8 (12) 2010 Mikhailova N.V. the Main directions and normative limits of optimization of the taxation in the system of tax control of the Russian Federation
№ 7 (11) 2010 Mikhailova N.V. the Concept, content and principles of optimization of taxation in the Russian Federation in the conditions of crisis
№ 6 (10) 2010 Kuznetsov V.N. To the question of financial activities and financial control in the system of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia
№ 6 (10) 2010 Semyashkin M. Legal regulation of application of the standard of "fair value" for the protection of the interests of owners of land shares
№ 5 (9) 2010 Alpatov P.Y. the Market economy and private property in the Russian Federation
№ 5 (9) 2010 Shihova S.S. Some of the questions of compulsory conclusion of the state or municipal contract on delivery of goods for state or municipal needs
№ 4 (8) 2010 Alpatov P.Y. Institute of property and the right of ownership in Russia
№ 3 (7) 2010 Alpatov P.Y. Economic content of public and private property in Russia
№ 3 (7) 2010 Danilov V.V. the Economic crisis in Russia: ways of overcoming
№ 2 (6) 2010 Alpatov P.Y. the fundamentals of Economic liberalization of private property rights in a democratic state
№ 2 (6) 2010 Melnikov V.V. Economic system and property
№ 2 (6) 2010 Bikov I.A. Credit organization in the modern banking sector
№ 2 (6) 2010 Shumilov Y.I. Improvement of Russian legislation on the constitutional right of private property
№ 1 (5) 2010 Melnikov V.V. the Role of the institution of private property in the formation of a socially oriented market economy
№ 1 (5) 2010 Bikov I.A. Legal regulation of banking activities in the Russian Federation: problems and features
№ 1 (5) 2010 Nedelin P. the Main directions of state administration in the sphere of taxation: to increase the efficiency of the tax system
№ 12 (4) 2009 Nedelin P. the System and the structure of taxes in the legislation of the Russian Federation
№ 12 (4) 2009 Vdovin G.Y. the Activity of the private employment Agency
№ 11 (3) 2009 Alpatov Y.M. the Financial and legal basis of local self-government in the cities of Federal importance Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
№ 11 (3) 2009 Nedelin P. State economic policy and tax administration in contemporary Russia
№ 11 (3) 2009 Ivanov O.A. the New priorities of the immigration policy of the United States. Unemployment among immigrants in the period of economic crisis: the main trends
№ 10 (2) 2009 Khabeev T.N. special-purpose capital of non-profit organizations: concept, legal content and cost-effectiveness
№ 10 (2) 2009 Nedelin P. State administration in the sphere of taxation and the formation of a national tax policy
№ 10 (2) 2009 Spector A.A. Competition and the development of market economy in the Russian Federation
№ 10 (2) 2009 Klimovsky R.V. Properties of the system of tax law as a means of control

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