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№ 10(50) 2013 Mamedov R.V. State sovereignty in the doctrines of international law
№ 10(50) 2013 Stoletov S.V. Corruption as invalidating international agreements
№ 9(49) 2013 Mikhaleva N.A., Gorohovatskaya A.L. Bikameralism the space of the Commonwealth of Independent States
№ 9(49) 2013 Vasilenko N.D. Features of the innovation culture in the neoliberal society
№ 8(48) 2013 Pyishkina A.V. Legal position of political factions in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
№ 8(48) 2013 Polozova A.M. The Main theoretical and methodological approaches to the analysis of the political leadership in the information society
№ 7(47) 2013 Koltakova E.M. The Problems of the relationship of the deputies of the legislative bodies in the Russian Federation with voters
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Lagutkin A.V., Grudtsyna L.YU Objects of underground construction in Russia: problems of recognition of property rights
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Galushkin A.A. Prospects of legal-organizational development and improvement of legislation on citizenship in the countries of CIS
№ 3(43)-4(44) 2013. Galushkin A.A. the International standards on citizenship issues and their implementation in legislation of the CIS countries
№ 3(43)-4(44) 2013. Ezhov YU.A. Environmental security and armed forces of the Russian Federation
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Galushkin A.A. the Normative legal regulation of the institutional framework of the institution of citizenship after the adoption of the Constitution of 1993
№ 1(41)-2(42) 2013. Grudcina L.YU., Petrov S.M. Civil society as a social system: theoretical*the legal aspects of interaction with the state
№ 6 (34) 2012 Dmitriev Y.A. Twelve years from the date of the election of the President B.N. Yeltsin's
№ 6 (34) 2012 Dmitriev Y.A. Interview of the chief editor of the magazine "Law and life" programme "News - expert commentary" radio "air force" (UK), April 13, 2012
№ 4 (32) 2012 Vishnyakov V.G. Legal problems of development of electronic Government in the Russian Federation
№ 3 (31) 2012 Popov A.V. State corporations: the objectives, features and prospects
№ 2 (30) 2012 Calish Y.V. Elections - 2011 and their effects
№ 2 (30) 2012 Kosarzhevskaya O.G. Municipal property and municipal property: concept and essence
№ 1 (29) 2012 Grudtsina L.Y. Civil society and the private law
№ 12 (28) 2011 Dmitriev Y.A. Modernization of what and for whom: a legal aspect: the Report in the framework of the scientific-practical table "The Russian modernization project: problems and prospects" (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, 31 October 2011)
№ 12 (28) 2011 Shornikov E.I. The Concept, content and stages of historical development of civil society in Russia
№ 11 (27) 2011 Goshuliak V.V. The Evolution of the Republican form of government in the subjects of the Russian Federation
№ 11 (27) 2011 Shatilov A.B. The Legislative initiatives in the field of innovative activity: GR-technology and lobbyism
№ 11 (27) 2011 Salin P.B. Innovative initiatives of the state and the position of the elite groups
№ 10 (26) 2011 Komarov S.A., Drozdova A.M. Presidential power and the prospects of its development as an independent branch of state power
№ 9 (25) 2011 Grudtsina L.Y. Slavery and modernization: a path, which no
№ 9 (25) 2011 Dmitriev Y.A., Mironov V.O. The New form of the state of the Union: the Union state of Belarus and Russia
№ 7 (23) 2011 Petrov S.M. On the state of normative-legal regulation of the distribution of competences between the levels of public authority in Russia
№ 7 (23) 2011 Tarkhanov M.V. Treaty way of differentiation of subjects of conducting and powers of the organs of public power
№ 6 (22) 2011 Kasyanenko M.A. To the question on the counteraction of extremist manifestations in the modern Russia
№ 6 (22) 2011 Melnikov V.V. Factors and forms of state influence on the economy and entrepreneurship
№ 5 (21) 2011 Vishnyakov V.G. Mount the legal framework of the state territory is a single, indivisible, inalienable

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