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№ 10(50) October 2013

Policy and law

Mamedov R.V. State sovereignty in the doctrines of international law
Stoletov S.V. Corruption as invalidating international agreements

Education Management

Shcherbak E.N. Formation and development of the management of higher professional education in Russia

Problems of theory of law

Maksurov A.A. Legal Definitions of the project
Mironov A.L. Constitutional-legal nature of the Institute of state management in Russia

Human Rights

Kutovoy D.V. To the question of the constitutional-legal nature of the right of citizens to participate in cultural life
Pischulin V.I. Historical preconditions of formation of a civil society in Russia
Galoganov A.P. Criteria for admissibility of individual complaints and its consideration in the European court of human rights
Sangadzhiev B.V. The Content of the human rights protection mechanism bodies of judicial power in Russia

Law and Economics

Sergeeva M.A. Right MERCOSUR as an example of the unification of the trade turnover: concept, features, unlike the European Union law

Problems of the Russian law

Sviridova E.A. On some amendments of some articles of part IV of the Civil code of the Russian Federation in the framework of the project of the Federal law ¹ 47538-6
Atlaskirova I.O. Use of the name of a computer program as a trademark: the pros and cons
Galushkin A.A. The institution of citizenship and its place in the system of Russian law
Kharlamova M.L. Problems of legal regulation of housing rights of orphans
Batukova V.E. Questions about qualifications and delimitation of vandalism and other crimes committed out of hooliganism
Chashnikov V.A. Content and features of state law enforcement

Publication students, bachelors, masters

Sereda A. Legal regulation of e-Commerce in Russia
Pankratov M.V. To the question of subjective signs of complicity.

Legal archive

Averyanova M.I. General characteristics of normative acts regulating the work of pedagogical workers of educational organizations in the post-Soviet period

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