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№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Ivanova S.A. Innovative processes in modern Russian education
№ 3(43)-4(44) 2013. Grudcina L.YU. the State academies of Sciences in the system of organization of fundamental research
№ 5 (33) 2012. Subbotin V.N. The creation of a System of assessment and certification of qualifications of legal frames
№ 5 (33) 2012. Dmitriev Y.A. Master degree is at the service of society and science
№ 11 (27) 2011. Usanov V.E. Modernization of the system of science in Russia: tendencies and prospects
№ 8 (24) 2011. Tretyak N.V. Implementation of the law on education in judicial decisions
№ 1 (17) 2011. Temirov T.V. professional burnout of the teacher in the studies of foreign and domestic scientists
№ 11 (15) 2010. Khabeev T.N. Legal status of the participants of the educational process: the teacher (pedagogical worker)
№ 11 (15) 2010. Bicharova L.P.. Grant as a form of state stimulation of the professional activities of higher educational institutions in Russia
№ 11 (15) 2010. Shcherbak E.N. Educational crediting in Russia
№ 11 (15) 2010. Shornikova N.Y. The relationship of a company's development strategy and the system of improvement of qualification
№ 10 (14) 2010. Kostyukevich L.P. State stimulation of transition of Russian institutions of higher professional education in modern and effective mechanisms for the management of
№ 10 (14) 2010. Aponitsky S.V. Origin and development of the legal Institute of the interaction between the highest bodies of state authority of Russia with lower universities
№ 9 (13) 2010. Nikolaeva Y.V. The state policy in the sphere of protection of the rights of the child in Russia
№ 8 (12) 2010. Shornikova N.Y. The tasks of the system of retraining and raising qualification of human resources
№ 7 (11) 2010. Kharlamov A.V. Modern problems of political socialization
№ 6 (10) 2010. Admiralova I.A., Kashkina E.V. Legal regulation of innovative pedagogical technologies in teaching students of courses of improvement of qualification of employees of internal Affairs bodies
№ 5 (9) 2010. Belov V.E. Training of specialists for the sphere of state and municipal orders
№ 5 (9) 2010. Akhmedov I.I. Forms of implementation and the legal regulation of the freedom of creativity in the system of humanitarian Sciences
№ 4 (8) 2010. Akhmedov I.I. The powers of the President of Russia and his place in the system of bodies ensuring the implementation of the scientific and scientific-technical policy
№ 4 (8) 2010. V.M. Platonov The implementation of the subjects of the Russian Federation of legal regulation of the subjects of joint competence of the
№ 3 (7) 2010. A.A. Spektor Counteracting legalization (laundering) of incomes, received by criminal way
№ 2 (6) 2010. Klimovsky R.V. Self-organization of the system of tax law from the point of view of the state control
№ 11 (3) 2009. Usanov V.E. Standards of primary General education of the new generation eyes lawyer
№ 11 (3) 2009. Khabeev T.N. The endowment and the educational institution: the first Russian experiments
№ 10 (2) 2009. Dmitriev Y.A. Lawyer in Russia is more than a lawyer
№ 10 (2) 2009. Usanov V.E. Legal forms of interaction between scientific and educational organizations

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