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№ 11 (39) 2012. Grudtsina L.YU. Legal basis for a system of management of institutions of higher professional education
№ 10 (38) 2012. Temirov T.V. the Correlation of the levels of emotional burnout among high school teachers
№ 9 (37) 2012. Shcherbak E.N. Foreign models of the system of management of higher education (on the example of the educational standards United States and France)
№ 8 (36) 2012. Voitovich K.V. Educational services as a type of entrepreneurial activity
№ 6 (34) 2012. Shcherbak E.N. The development of the higher education is the basis of the economic sovereignty of the state in the conditions of market economy and globalization
№ 5 (33) 2012. Miroshnikova V.A. The reform of the system of training scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualification: statement of the problem
№ 5 (33) 2012. Shcherbak E.N. The trends of globalization of higher education in the conditions of the world educational market
№ 4 (32) 2012. Grudtsina L.Y., Ivanov S. Economic and legal aspects of the management system of higher education in Russia
№ 3 (31) 2012. Kozyrin A.N. Teaching financial law in the magistracy
№ 3 (31) 2012. Firsova L.V. On the issue of legal regulation of the authorized capital of small innovative enterprises at universities
№ 2 (30) 2012. Ezhov Y. Environmental education and upbringing
№ 12 (28) 2011. Nikolukin S.V. Impact of legal education on the formation of personality of the future specialist
№ 12 (28) 2011. Novitskaya L.Y. Goals, objectives and location of the Institute of education in a democratic law-governed state
№ 11 (27) 2011. Ivanov S. To the question about the content of the concepts of "science", "science policy" and "scientific-technical policy": legal and economic dimension
№ 11 (27) 2011. Shcherbak E.N. Modernization of legislation in the field of state management of higher education
№ 11 (27) 2011. Lyebyedinskaya M. To the question of legal protection of the results of R d
№ 9 (25) 2011. Dmitriev Y.A. Can you teach a judge?"
№ 9 (25) 2011. Tretyak N.V. Responsibility in the sphere of realization of the constitutional right to education
№ 8 (24) 2011. Shcherbak E.N. Models and organizational mechanisms of educational crediting
№ 8 (24) 2011. Nikolaeva Y.V. Crimes against the physical and mental development of the juvenile
№ 2 (18) 2011. Rosina N.M. The Russian educational environment in anticipation of the new Law on education
№ 2 (18) 2011. Ivanova S.A., Ivanov V.I. Modernization of education: are all provided for in the new Law on education.
№ 2 (18) 2011. Usanov V.E. About the project of a new framework of the Federal law "On education in the Russian Federation"
№ 2 (18) 2011. Ruchkina G. Legal regulation of financing of the educational activity

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