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№ 9(49) 2013 Feedback head of the Department of criminal law and procedure law of the Institute of RUSHYDRO VPO "North-Caucasian Federal University, doctor of juridical Sciences Professor A.G. Kibalnika about the abstracts of thesis P.V. Agapova on "the Basis of counteraction of the organized criminal activity", submitted on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of legal Sciences on the specialty 12.00.08.
№ 5(45)-6(46) May-June 2013 Pashentsev D.A. Review on the monograph M.I. Dolakovoy «Financial policy of the Russian state in the second half of XIX - beginning of XX century» (M.: APKiPPRO, 2011)
№ 3(43)-4(44) 2013. Pashentsev D.A. Review on the monograph Петюковой Oksana Nikolaevna "Legal form of relations the Soviet state and the Russian Orthodox Church in 1917-1945 years"
№ 2 (18) 2011 dODogodaylo E.Y. Review of the monograph "Krupenya E.M. "The effectiveness of the status of public law as legal, psychological and socio-cultural problem". M.: Universitetskaya kniga, 2010. - 324 p.".
№ 12 (16) 2010 Usanov V.E. Zemlyanaya T.B. Twilight education: yesterday and today
№ 12 (16) 2010 Pavlycheva O.N., Khabeev T.N.. The consumer of educational services: peculiarities of legal protection / Review of the book Ageshkinoy N.A. "The protection of the interests of pupils and students in education" Publishing house: omega-L, the year of publication: 2007
№ 11 (15) 2010 Grudtsina L.Y. Review of the monograph "Usanov V.E., Zemlyanaya, Pavlycheva O.N., Khabeev T.N. Legal terminology in education and Sciences of education. - M.: Institute of the scientific information and monitoring of the Russian Academy of education. 2010. - 704 p.".
№ 10 (14) 2010 Dmitriev Y.A. Speech on the 23-th Moscow book fair, at the presentation of the collective monograph "the people's vote in the Russian Federation"(September 5, 2010. VDNKh)
№ 5 (9) 2010 Dmitriev Y.A. Review of the monograph Usanov V.E., Zemlyanaya T.B., Pavlycheva O.N. "The history of legal regulation of educational activity in Russia". - M.: LTD Publishing house "Elite", 2009. 446 p.

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