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№ 7(47) 2013 Ivanova S.A. Private and public law: issues of classification
№ 7(47) 2013 Korotkova M.V. Organizational and legal basis for research postgraduate students in master's program «a Lawyer for the private business and government»
№ 7(47) 2013 Pashentsev D.A. Features of teaching «Actual problems of law» in master's
№ 7(47) 2013 Dmitriev Yu.A. Master as the stub of Russian higher education
№ 7(47) 2013 Popova A.V. The Peculiarities of teaching the subject «Investment law» in the light of trends in the development of jurisprudence at the present stage
№ 7(47) 2013 Ershova I.V. Master's programme in Legal support of business (business lawyer)» University named O.E. Kutafin (MSLA): formation of the concept of the organization and maintenance of educational process in the conditions of a competence approach
№ 7(47) 2013 Mokhov A.A. Learner-centered approach as a condition of effectiveness of the learning process at the University of the name O.E. Kutafin (MSLA)
№ 7(47) 2013 Pavlov V.P. Features of teaching "the Main problems of property law" in master's
№ 7(47) 2013 Grudtsyna L.Yu. Development of civil society in the aspect of private and public law
№ 7(47) 2013 Besedkina N.I. Private and public in the family law
№ 7(47) 2013 Sviridov E.A. On teaching disciplines related to individual issues of intellectual property in masters program
№ 7(47) 2013 Osaveluk E.A. The Application of interactive methods in conducting practical classes on the subject "private International law" in masters program
№ 7(47) 2013 Dorenko K.S. Model of the social state: the constitutional-legal aspect
№ 7(47) 2013 Lineytseva K.S. Legal culture and civil society in Russia
№ 1 (29) 2012 Youth Rhodes forum, 6-10 October 2011 (Greece): report on the conference, reports, photo gallery
№ 1 (29) 2012 Abramov M., Popov A. Dialog of generations as a hope for the future.
№ 1 (29) 2012 Pushilin D. the Reliability of information in the Internet and corporate responsibility of business
№ 1 (29) 2012 Popov A., Lyebyedinskaya M. Cultural heritage and dialogue of civilizations, to the question of the reform of UNESCO
№ 1 (29) 2012 Antsupov D., Borzunova And. the Development of the United Nations
№ 1 (29) 2012 Gabrielyan A. Education of my dream
№ 1 (29) 2012 Kondratova A. Education as a sustainable development
№ 1 (29) 2012 Mattiisen A. The future of fundamental rights in multicultural Europe
№ 1 (29) 2012 Asmus G. Education as a channel of translated values
№ 1 (29) 2012 Meijnders M. To regain the OSCE prominence followed: restore the normative foundation of the human dimension
№ 1 (29) 2012 Mosher M. Traditional family values
№ 1 (29) 2012 Ibrahimova R. National education system of the member states of EU
№ 8 (24) 2011 Round table "the Institute of presidency in Russia: the legal basis and role in the modernization of the society" 8 June 2011 , Institute of problems of effective state and civil society Finance of the University under the Government of the Russian Federation
№ 4 (20) 2011 Conference in honour of the world day of social justice in the Moscow University for the Humanities (Humanitarian), February 18, 2011
№ 4 (20) 2011 Somavia X. a New era of social justice, based on the principles of decent work (message for the world day of social justice)
№ 4 (20) 2011 Gorelik A.S. Speech at the conference
№ 4 (20) 2011 Dobromislov K.V. Social justice with the position of the trade unions
№ 4 (20) 2011 Chirkin V.E. Some questions of social justice in the constitutional dimension
№ 4 (20) 2011 Krylov K.D. global competition and legal perspectives of development of social justice in the Eurasian region
№ 4 (20) 2011 Sizova N.S. the Evolution of the right to housing
№ 4 (20) 2011 Gavrilova Y.V., Pitko E.V. the Problems of gender equality in the context of social justice
№ 4 (20) 2011 Korsanenkova A.F. the Problems of implementation of the principle of social justice in social relations
№ 4 (20) 2011 Ivanova O.V. Social justice in the implementation of the state youth policy of the Russian Federation
№ 4 (20) 2011 Sparrows T. Discrimination and its impact on social justice
№ 4 (20) 2011 Yashenkov P. the Concept of social justice. Is it acceptable to for Russia?
№ 4 (20) 2011 Korotkov M. Social justice in the practice of social work
№ 4 (20) 2011 Homchenko K.A. Fair remuneration for work

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