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submission for publication in the Journal

These rules apply to all materials sent to the journal "Education and the right" to be published.

1. Rights and obligations of the editorial board and author

1.1. The decision to publish the material takes the editorial board, editor in chief or his deputy within two weeks of receipt of the material.
1.2. In case if the decision to publish the knowledge needed to narrow the field of jurisprudence, the editors send an article for the conclusion of the members of the Editorial Board. In some cases, possible revision of articles by the author at the request of the publisher.
1.3. The author, directing the text of the article, shall before making a decision about the publication of an identical material is not available to other newspapers. This right only after the author takes a decision to refuse publication.
1.4. Failure to publish is possible in cases of:
- mismatch profile and the specific articles of the journal;
- gross irregularities in the citation, including when referring to the rule of law;
- mismatch criteria of scientific articles and the level of practical utility;
- a negative opinion of the editorial board.
The decision to refuse to publish revised notify the author.
1.5. Opinion and editorial board member of the editorial board may not always coincide with those of the author.

2. Technical requirements

2.1. Presented by the authors to the Editor articles must be accompanied by the following information: abstracts, keywords, author information (with the obligatory indication of place of work and contact information) - in Russian and English. Articles should have footnotes and bibliographies.
2.2. Editorial Board accepts material in electronic form (on diskette or CD-ROM, e-mail
2.3. The paper should not exceed 15 pages of text typed in Word (at least Word 6.0), type 14, one and a half line spacing, typeface Times New Roman.
2.4. All pages of the article should be numbered in Arabic numerals. The left page margin - 30 mm, right - 10 mm, the upper - 20 mm, bottom - 20 mm.
2.5. Footnotes to the sources are required in cases of direct quotations and the use of borrowing from the literature.

3. The consequences of the decision to publish the material

3.1. The author gives a non-exclusive editorial property rights in respect of his work, published in the journal, namely the right of reproduction in electronic media, the right to treatment and the right of distribution of electronic databases. These rights can be realized in Russia and abroad within five years from the date of a positive decision to publish the material.
3.2. Editorial Board shall take all possible measures to protect the rights of the author.

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